The GreenMall Luxe Collection was designed with your most special occasions in mind. The collection provide you the highest quality luxury flowers in the global marketplace. In addition we are proud to offer premium and luxury gifts. An item from the Luxe Collection is sure to rise the your personal occasion. At GreenMall, we believe that giving something special can make any celebration or even a regular day extraordinary. Whatever the occasion and whatever the season, GreenMall makes gifting easy, elegant and always a pleasure.Love is the answer, and you know that for sure.
Love is a flower you’ve got to let it grow (J.L).
Say it with Flowers.

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Scented candle confetti spotted (18 Savane)

(741258) 39,40

Scented candle conical with red spots (17 Love Story)

(951456) 67,50

Scented candle Copper (24 Eternal Aqua)

(123789) 61,80

Scented candle Gold (17 Love Story)

(123123) 61,80

Scented candle green orange spotted (19 Joie de Vivre) 8 cm x 9 cm

(546132) 39,40

Scented candle mounthblown matt green spotted (25 Paris Couture)

(769413) 39,40

Scented candle Platinum (22 Mystique)

(123321) 61,80

Scented candle spotted leopard (22 Mystique)

(68423) 44,90

Scented candle vintage gold microhammered (21 Secret de Provence) 12 cm x 12 cm

(439482) 84,30

Scented candle votive bowl with bark design (Botanique) 10cm x 10cm

(143652) 73,20

Scented candle with aubergine lightning design (9 Orient) 1 ΤΜΧ

(951753) 56,30

Scented candle with orange red bark design (25 Paris Couture)

(112398) 46,50